Tired eyes.

Last weekend I went on an amazing camping trip with my family and extended church family. It was a much-needed 3 day break from coaching and teaching because this week I jumped into the second half of summer with extra hours of coaching.

So here I am, 10:00 pm and exhausted. What happened to the college girl who stayed up until 2:00 am?

Early nights and early mornings have been difficult. I live for afternoon naps. Blog time has become nap time. God time has become nap time. Basically, my life has become nothing more than sleeping and working.

No time for thinking or wondering or enjoying. Learning new things? Growing in faith? Also nap time.

My life isn’t really that difficult, it’s just been tiring lately. My heart is tired from desiring things I can’t have. My body is tired from working so much. My eyes are tired from not getting enough rest.

And yet, I wish I was tired for other reasons. I wish my heart was tired from running toward Him. I wish my body was tired from dancing in His presence. I wish my eyes were tired from seeking Him.

But those luxuries are not mine.

I want to seek God with all that I am. I want to strive. I want to run. I want to put all of myself and all of my energy into knowing and loving Him.

I want my tiredness to reflect the pursuit of our Awesome God.

What’s made you tired lately? Have you been seeking God with everything you are?


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