I knew you loved me.

I love to worship God in new languages. French prayers and Spanish worship. To worship in the same room as South African or Mexican believers — it is beautiful and joyful and full of life. I love the sweetness of language that allows me to express my love for God in undiscovered ways.

God is good to all people and I thank him for his beautiful uniqueness in revealing himself differently to every nation.

One of my favorite worship songs right now is a Spanish song by Marcela Gandara – Supe Que Me Amabas. It reminds of when I am unfaithful to God, yet he is still always faithful to me.

Supe que me amabas, lo entendí. (I knew you loved me, I understood.)
Supe que buscabas más de mí. (I knew you were looking over me.)
Que mucho tiempo me esperaste. (That long wait for me.)

Supe que me amabas, aunque huí. (I knew you loved me, but I fled.)
Lejos de tu casa yo me fui. (Far from home I left.)
Y con un beso y con amor. (And with a kiss and love.)
Me regalaste tu perdón. (You gave me your forgiveness.)
Y estoy aquí. (And I’m here.)

Estoy aquí, mi dulce Señor (I am here, my sweet Lord.)
Estoy aquí, amado Salvador. (I’m here, dear Saviour.)
Estoy aquí. (I am here.)


One thought on “I knew you loved me.

  1. I love that song too. It’s an amazing truth; when you get to really understand God’s love for us, then you know that he loved us before we realize it.

    I also love worship in other languages; in my case you know I listen to english worship, and is because I admire the quality of worship leaders you can find in the U.S.


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