Summer 2010.

If you’ve been around at all, you know I love lists! So does it surprise you that I have a list of things to do this summer? If I didn’t write them down, I would probably forget. And, why not?

Rachel helped me accomplish one before she left for summer camp last week. I told her that one of my goals was to save up for a bicycle. (I’ve wanted one for a couple years. It was on my “When I get home from South Africa” list, but was never accomplished.) I wanted a green bike with a comfortable seat that I could ride on the road, but didn’t make me feel like I needed to ride in the Tour de France.

For the last time I would see her all summer, she said she had a surprise for me. I was expecting a note or something sweet to remember her by. (She is going to be gone an awfully long time.) She texted me to tell me she was at my house, and when I went outside to meet her, she rolled out a beautiful green bicycle that she and her dad fixed up for me. I was overwhelmed by her friendship and awesomeness. Now I get to ride it to work every day, or any time I like! Riding through my neighborhood on beautiful summer evenings is one of my favorite past-times. (No joke. I love it.)

I can now check that one off my list.

Summer 2010:

Buy a bicycle.
Visit Rachel at Camp Orkila.
Go to 1 Westlake Center Outreach in Seattle with Calvary.
Go to Japan to see Mallory.
Go to Canada.
Go to Jetty Island with friends.
Go on a hike.
Go camping.
Have a bonfire.
Have a BBQ with friends.
Take mom swing dancing.
Jump in a body of water:
-with all clothes on
-from a cliff or (short) bridge
Take more opportunities.


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