I’ve been known (to myself at least) to write terrible poetry. I think my rhyme got lost with my rhythm and beat somewhere along the way. With that forewarning, enjoy!

Shoes | Hannah Ruth Borcherdt

My Heart walks on a rocky beach.
Her feet bleed from wandering with bare feet.

She walks in the wrong direction; she’s gone so far
That she faints at the thought of changing her path now.
Is it better to reach the wrong destination,
or forget altogether the journey avowed?

The determined tide comes in.
The understanding light is getting thin.

The clouds are filled with rage for no reason at all.
Their eyes turn black; they release their relentless roar.
The wind and rain do not mind that my Heart is hurt,
And they have their way with her on that rocky shore.

There my Heart falls to her knees.
They leave her tattered, alone with the seas.

He comes running in; she never saw it coming.
He is out of breath, legs are tired, feet are bleeding.
He doesn’t notice the taunting of wind or rain.
He falls down on the rocks, crying, eyes are pleading.

“Dear Heart, do not grow tired.”
She does not know she’s His greatest desire.

“I wanted you to come find me. You did not come.
I thought you might turn back for me, but you did not.
Heart, I have always loved you more than anything.”
He picks her up and carries her away from the rocks.

He redeems her excuses,
And carries my Heart who forgot her shoes.


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