Winter break.

I strive to do my best in everything, but it’s not every day that I can come back to my room, sit down, and agree that, yes, I did do my best in everything. Most of the time I settle because I know that I can get by just fine without exceeding.

Today I finished up my first quarter at Seattle Pacific University. No more essays. No more tests. No more reading. I’m finished with everything and it feels so refreshing to have nothing to do for a whole month!

For the past few years I don’t think I could have said that I did my best in my school work, but this year has started out very differently. I devoted myself this quarter. For the past few months I did my best.

I am so glad it’s over, but it has been great! I am ready for my much-needed break from school, but I am excited to see what winter quarter will be like.


4 thoughts on “Winter break.

  1. Congrats! There’s no feeling quite like that of completing your first quarter.

    I’m finishing up the quarter this week. I wish I could say that I truly devoted myself this quarter…that’s a place I hope to get to in the winter.

    Enjoy your break!


  2. I’m getting very close to my vacations, and I think I understand that feeling of not having to do anything and feeling great about it!

    May God bless your life very much this winter break and may you enjoy that free time that you deserve.


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