Things that I love:

Pandora & the current song it has chosen for me: Amazed by Eogan Heaslip.

SPU friends who brought me an invitation to a show via paper airplane.

There’s a heater pipe under my desk that keep my toes constantly warm.

I had my first skype talk/video chat last night.

Fall is here.

Christmas, yes, Christmas, is just around the corner.

I am blessed to go to a school where church is the thing to do on Sundays.

Christian rap: Why? Because Christian rap/hip hop is never cross over music. Either you rap the world or you rap Christ. There’s no in between. There are no rappers sitting on the fence between secular or Christian music. They just rap about the change that Christ has made in their lives. I think it’s awesome, convicting, so cool.

This verse:
Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. — Proverbs 37:4

Because it is so obvious to me that if I delight myself in the Lord, his delights become my delights, his desires become my desires. And I desire right now for his desires. They are so much greater than anything I could ever ask or imagine.


5 thoughts on “Things that I love:

  1. It’s funny that you say that because I still don’t like listening to it. I tried yesterday and had to turn it off. :/
    But I DO have a respect for the lyrics and rappers who reach out to people that I cannot reach.


  2. I would have to say that I understand the not liking the rap, but I would have to say that it’s the most biblically sound stuff I have ever heard. It never ceases to amaze me at their passion and drive for God.

    This is the chorus to I Ain’t Turning Back by one fav hip-hop artists of all time THI’SL!!

    “I got my full armor on, my head to the sky, I’m goin’ into battle with my horns up high, and I’m through playin’ games, you can see it in my eyes, and you can go and ask anyone I’m alright and I ain’t turning back, I ain’t turning back, I ain’t turning back, I ain’t turning back, I ain’t turning back, I ain’t turning back, I ain’t turning back, I ain’t turning back, NO!”


  3. I definitely agree with what you said Nate! I love that they don’t hold back and like I said, they’re not a crossover like Relient K who is sometimes Christian and sometimes not. They just say it how it is. I think that’s so cool! I loved when Thi’sl came to Calvary… he’s awesome!


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