A servant’s heart.

I often ask God why there aren’t more opportunities to serve, or why there isn’t anyone who will serve with me. Perhaps I’m just not looking, and I’m refusing to go serve with them.

ONE YEAR AGO today I returned home from 2 months in South Africa. (I think this is officially the last day that I can say, 1 month ago, 4 months and 6 days ago, one year ago — you’re done hearing about meaningful days.) Anyway, one year ago I came home. The desire in my heart to serve was so strong! But serving here is different than serving in South Africa, so I pushed all the opportunities aside and longed for something more ..something more meaningful, deeper, harder, more complex.

I was a helper at VBS the week after I got home. I became a jr. high leader on Wednesday nights and lead a Bible study on Sunday mornings. Just two examples of how God was using me, but I didn’t see it. I thought of them as less than my potential of what I could be doing.

Today as I sat in church there was opportunity after opportunity to serve. I’m so excited for the way God is moving at CCF and Calvary. There were so many opportunities to be a part of what God is doing in the church.

It made me realize that though I wanted to serve, I didn’t have a servant’s heart. I wanted to serve my way, not where God wanted me to serve. Now that I realize that, I hope that nothing is every “too little” or “meaningless” for me to step up and say yes to serving. After all, Jesus chose the less than desirable ways to serve. Therefore, I should too.

I’m praying for a servant’s heart.


One thought on “A servant’s heart.

  1. I’m thinking you already have a servant’s heart. Now you just have to convince your mind and your body and you’re away.

    God blesses you!


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