Seattle Sounders.

Soccer is big in Seattle, and it’s not just because this is the inaugural year for the Sounders in the FC. I was greatly surprised at the amount of green and blue I saw parading in the streets on the way to the game. You knew where the Sounders fans were. And there were 66,848 fans filling the stands to be exact. It was the most fans Seattle has ever seen.

Last night Seth and I watched the Sounders play a friendly against Barcelona. Barcelona was very friendly last night and only took the win by 4 points (0-4). It was obvious that they could have easily taken more. Of course everyone loves Lionel Messi, but for good reason. I was amazed at his footwork. I couldn’t have imagined anyone being that agile and graceful with a soccer ball.

Seth and I even got a taste of the Emerald City Supporters. There was a guy right behind us who knew all of the songs and was not afraid to belt them. No one else around us knew all the songs. You could tell by the end of the night he was losing his voice. The Emerald City Supporters have a few extra songs on top of the regular Sounders songs. Let’s just say they’re not PG.

We learned a few things about MLS games too:
1. $7.00 pizza is by the slice. Bad deal.  $9.00 garlic chicken is chicken and garlic fries. Good deal.
2. Buy food outside. Much better deal.
3. Not even the Seahawks and their 12th man have bigger fans than the Sounders.
4. If you wait 5 seconds, the prices go down on parking… everyone wants the most business.
5. Although Sounders scarves aren’t cute, they’re absolutely necessary for every cheer. You’re not a real fan without one.

Here are a few pictures, and a video (from youtube) of one of mine and Seth’s favorite Emerald City Supporters’ songs.


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