A Summer of moving out.

Around April or May it becomes very common to hear “What are you doing this summer?” And for a while my answer to that question was, “Nothing. I’m just staying home.” But that’s not my real answer. No, I’m not doing missions and I’m not going out of the country, but I will be housesitting quite a lot this summer!

Currently I’m just beginning 3 weeks of housesitting for my friend Katie while she’s in Nicaragua with her family. After that I’ll be housesitting for my cousin for a week. This summer is a test of independence before moving out to go to SPU.

Some friends are coming to stay with me periodically while I’m housesitting and I’m so looking forward to being out on my own. I went grocery shopping yesterday for the first time.. real grocery shopping, not just picking up a few things. It was so wonderful (and expensive).

I know these few weeks will be busy, especially having to take the bus and ride Katie’s bike everywhere, but I’m so ready to be on my own, it feels great! I’ll keep you posted on my adventures here at Katie’s house.


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