Our sisterhood.

For the past 2 years I’ve met with an amazing group of girls. (The group has been together for about 6.)  These girls have been with me in my biggest highs and my lowest lows. It isn’t just a group of friends, it’s a group that was hand-picked by God. We’ve laughed genuine laughs and chuckles and giggles together. We’ve cried genuine tears together. We’ve learned about the blessing of brokenness together. We’ve learned about lies women believe and how to be a woman of excellence. We’ve learned Bible foundations, and we’ve studied Ester and Joshua. We’ve discovered what it means to have a Crazy Love for Jesus and what it looks like to live out our faith passionately. Our songs have always been Jesus, Love of My Soul and Father, I Adore You. We’ve sung out of tune, had sleepovers, and gone “treasure-hunting” on the beach together. We painted pottery for our 16th birthdays. We made two Oscar winning movies (4 Awards total). We’ve shared the deepest things in our hearts — boys, prom, friends, heartache, failure, success, blah times, winter seasons. But this isn’t just a fun group of friends. Megan made it clear tonight that God really did bring us all together for a specific purpose. Maybe we’re the Sisterhood of Matching Rings or maybe we’re just the most perfect small group that ever has existed. Whatever we are, I’m glad I’ve been a part of it.

Tonight we just went to the beach and took silly pictures and then at a 1/2 gallon of ice cream at an old abandoned building in Edmonds. It was such a perfect night, one that I won’t soon forget. I loved tonight. It was our last “official” night, as next we’re having a dessert/slide show/parents night, and then it’s summer, and then we go away to college.

But I know that our group won’t stop being a group because of distance or time. I don’t say that in naivety. We are something special, and always will be. That’s just who we are, because our bonds and glued together by Christ. It sounds cheesy, but it’s so true. I love these girls and our friendship.


2 thoughts on “Our sisterhood.

  1. I love this Hannah! And I dido everything you said.
    Psalm 47:4a- “He chose our inheritance for us.” Our group is a huge part of our inheritance God picked for us.


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