Treasure hunting.

A while ago, I wrote a blog about these tiny shells that you can find on the beach which relate to the treasures that God puts in our lives. They’re so small that you have to get on your hands and knees to find them. There are some larger treasures that are easier to see but they’re rare. These small shells are everywhere, but they’re really hard to see. You really have to get down in order to see them. Sometimes the treasures that God gives are the same way. The big things that He does in our lives are easy to see, but they don’t happen too often. The little things are everywhere but we usually just look right over them. These small things are like smiles or people holding the door for us. They’re hard to notice at first, but once you start looking, they’re everywhere. You just have to get on your hands and knees sometimes to see them.

I had only known about these shells second-hand until today when I went with my friends Katie and Ivy to the beach to go treasure hunting. At the freezing, windy beach, we foraged for treasure. Each of us discovered the treasure differently, all the while making analogies in our heads about how our treasure hunting related to our relationship with God.

Here are the analogies that I’m talking about…

One time, I dropped a small treasure and quickly looked down to see if I could find it again. I didn’t find it, but right where it should have been, right in front of me was a bigger treasure. It made me realize that even when we think we’ve lost something precious, there are more treasures, more things to look forward to, to seek, more treasures to find. Sometimes we have to let go of treasures in order to see bigger ones.

Another thing I noticed was that at first I was looking so hard that my eyes couldn’t focus in all of the sand. Once my eyes adjusted, it was much easier to find the treasures.

One thing that Ivy noticed, which I think is really cool, is that she couldn’t find any so she decided to just for beach glass instead. We thought it was like when we’re looking for God but can’t see Him, so we turn to other things. Really, if we kept pursuing God, kept looking for shells, we would find Him/shells eventually. Sometimes it takes more time for us than for others. Whether it takes us a minute or an hour to find a shell, a day, a week, a month, a year[s] to find God, we will. They are there, He is there. We just need to keep waiting, keep pursuing. Like I said in a blog, waiting is very active. We can’t just sit around, we need to pursue. Waiting means the pursuit of God even in silence, struggles, confusion, undesire.


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