Challenge for February.

A couple years ago my friend Michelle and I challenged ourselves to a whole month without junk food (the month of my birthday!) and then if we succeeded we would treat ourselves to the Fall Out Boy concert. Now, I don’t think we completely succeeded because I did have cake on my birthday, but that was it!  and then we went to the concert anyway.

Now, I’m not as great of a Fall Out Boy fan anymore but we decided to challenge ourselves again for the month of February. The list of can’t-eats is quite extensive, but this being our second month doing the challenge, we’re pros. And our reward? A day at the spa.

Yesterday, February 1, without thinking I started eating a Mamba. I headed for a trash can once I realized what I was doing. It takes some getting used to. I’m not sure if the syrup on my pancakes counts as junk or not, but I did eat that too. This is turning into a confession rather than a challenge!

Have you challenged yourself to anything lately?


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