Prayer for Brokenness

Brokenness is a funny thing.

Over the summer, in Africa, we had a prayer night and I remember specifically praying for brokenness for certain people in my life. You might wonder, “Why would anyone want to be broken?” Because when you feel broken, it is so much easier to turn to God and completely surrender to Him.

Now, I can see my prayer being answered, and it’s so hard to not step in and say, “Alright God, I can take it from here. Thanks for setting up the scene, now let me try to help these people.” That’s not how He works. I can see how He is letting them find brokenness, and it’s hard to let Him work when I know what they are about to go through. “No God, don’t go there. I can handle this now. I know what to say so that they won’t have to feel broken.”

“Trust me,” He says. “Let it go. Let them find me.” Alright, Lord. Give me patience to let you work.


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