Who ever said star gazing was for warm summer nights?

Sometimes, even when your fingers are about to fall off and your nose will soon do the same, you just have to stop and look at the stars. It’s so peaceful to stop in the calm of the settling night after a busy day and just look up. Somewhere, someone could be looking up at the same stars. I remember a night in Africa, there was this older couple that walked out of the living room and just stopped to look at the stars together. It was such a perfect moment to watch as the couple gazed up at the unfamiliar stars.

Anyway, my point in this is to say that the other night, I just wanted to star gaze, despite the freezing temperatures of Seattle, so my friend Michelle and I got our our sleeping bags, put on as many layers as we could, and layed out in my front yard, catching up on each other’s lives and star gazing.


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