A big day in history.

Bush said farewell to our nation.

And a good speech it was. It hasn’t been the best 8 years, but it has been good. Although economists are throwing a hissy fit, we haven’t gone into a depression. We are at war, but the war is not in America. The media has skewed information for 8 years, Bush has done his best for 8 years. Now it’s time for change. I’m ready for our country to start being supportive of its president. The person it elected into office. It’s time we change and stop listening to the media. In a short time we could be just as against Obama as we are Bush. We need to support our president. I can’t wait for Tuesday! On a side note, I always did like how Bush looked so friendly. I think I’d like to visit him on his ranch someday.

Comment by DanO: January 15th, 2009 (foxforum.blog.foxnews.com)

“One of the best presidents ever. This country has no idea how much he has done to keep us safe. As a retired military guy, I especially appreciate his dedication to the military. He was truly the commander and chief. I will miss him, thanks George.”

“I think George W. Bush will go down as a president who had high hopes for many things, some accomplished, some not. But in the end kept us safe.” Eric Bolling, Fox News

A plane landed, miraculously, safely, in the Hudson Rive in NY.

It wasn’t a miracle that both engines died in a plane flying over NY and it did a complete 180 turn to land safely on the Hudson River which could have hit like cement, and no one was seriously injured or killed. Yeah. It was just good piloting, for sure…?


Katie gave me her grandfather’s inheritance.

My Bible study leader and friend, Katie McGrew, gave me her inheritance from her grandfather. Yep, that’s right, a 1980’s racing jacket. It doesn’t have any patches, yet, and it looks stylish. The ’80’s are back. :] Since there were two, Ivy Suzie has a matching one. Nathan didn’t fail to point out that, “That’s a guy’s jacket.” Yes, thank you. I love it.


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