New ideas.

Before I delve into my mind’s rambling, I must confess, blogging is an addiction. I blog far too often with too many ramblings and too much always on my mind.

Ok. I was just watching The Ellen Degeneres show and it was kind of funny, sad, weird, sad. She had some doctor of ideas on the show, who also “married” her with her partner. For the life of me, I can’t remember his name. Anyway, the doctor of ideas was talking about new ideas that help people to live better, happier lives. He talked about gentleness, honesty, being selfless. New ideas? Yeah. That’s what I thought too. Kind of ridiculous. “New Agey” people are catching on to the promises and goodness of a Godly lifestyle, however, they’re trying to do it without God. Oprah is doing the same thing, but those are thoughts for another time. It makes me sad to watch all of this because they just don’t get it. They’re so close, but they haven’t found God yet. I wish they could see HIS goodness because He is so good and wonderful. I pray that their hearts are broken and they are able to fall in love with God.


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