Sex and dating: mostly dating.

I don’t usually go to high school youth group since I’m no longer in high school, but tonight was a special night, a night dedicated to talking about sex, dating, and relationships. Some questions went something like this, Is it ok to date in high school? — Is dating ok if you’re not ready for marriage? — Is it ok to date someone who isn’t a virgin? — How does God fit in to dating? There were more, but we didn’t find out what they were because we talked too long about dating. Fortunately, there will be another night of discussion.

Some things that really stuck out to me are:

1. 1 Timothy 3 is a list of qualities for leaders and overseers in the church. Dave said that this list should be the list that our husbands should measure up to because we should want our husbands to be good enough to lead the church.

2. We discussed the word “dating.” In high school, “dating” is liking someone, then asking them to be your boyfriend/girlfriend, then going on dates. In the real world, “dating” is asking someone out, going on a series of dates, then if you would like to pursue a relationship, you discuss being in an exclusive boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. High school and the real world are the exact opposite. I’d never thought about that before.

3. My husband is alive right now. He is a living, breathing, man, somewhere in the world. He is alive. God is preparing my heart for him, and his heart for me. I need to be constantly praying for him, that God will protect him and be with him. It makes me so excited that God is preparing us for one another. I can’t wait to meet my future husband, but for right now, I just pray that he is seeking God with all of his heart, soul, mind, and strength.

It was a good, deep discussion, and I can’t wait to continue it!

2 thoughts on “Sex and dating: mostly dating.

  1. Reading #3… I seriously got goosebumps and started crying. I cannot tell you how many times I have prayed for those things. God is truly preparing him. Even when you don’t feel like he is… HE IS. He may be 3 years younger than you or 3 years older than you. 🙂 But… Just learn to love God first.

    Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

    Pray that. ❤


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