People in relation to books.

Guest Blogger: Seth Robert Borcherdt

My brother posted this blog on his Myspace and I just had to share it with you all. He’s the most profound 15 year old gentleman I’ve ever met. His writing ability amazes me and his depth of perception and understanding is powerfully admirable. I’m very proud of who he is. Anyway, I could go on all day. Here are a few words from Seth.

People… are books.

Some people leave themselves open on the coffee table for everyone to read. Some people show just their cover. Some people put too much work into their illustrations and don’t put any structure into their words. Few people if any have balanced out all of their spelling errors, their grammar mistakes, or even their philosophy contradictions.

However, I’ve come to find that my problem is not that I’m only showing my cover or that I’m giving a summary that’s too revealing, but rather that people having been trying to look me up on sparknotes. No one has taken the time to read my thoughts or take a deeper look at the words God scripted onto my pages. I’m alright with that though. I’m alright with it because I know God hasn’t finished my story yet. He’s going to write the most wonderful people into my life. So right now I’m waiting on the shelf watching the slow, steady current of people walking past, waiting for the person who’s truly interested in me.


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