Today, I sit here typing at my computer. Tomorrow, I will probably do the same, however, as of tomorrow, it will never again be the year 2008.

What are some high lights of my year?

January: I got my first car.
February: I got my license.
I was a leader at Jr. High retreat.
March: I turned 18.
I had a dance party at my church.
April: It snowed and school was definitely canceled.
May: Was uneventful.
June: I passed my senior project with flying colors.
I went to prom.
I graduated from high school.
July: I celebrated the 4th (as well as the rest of the month) in South Africa.
I made a new family.
August: I said goodbye to my new family.
I became a youth leader at my church.
Last Student Ministries retreat to Chelan.
September: I started college.
October: I went to Missions Fest.
November: I went to Oregon with my family.
December: Finished my first quarter of college.
Had a friend from Michigan come stay with me.

Obviously, there are thousands more wonderful things that happened. It’s just so odd to me–how time passes. Many years from now, 2008 will be ancient. My kids will not know what happened this year. I will probably not know what happened in this year. But it was here, it passed, it was good. Time is a mystery to me. So unfathomable, so much so that it hurts my mind to think about it.

Another year has gone by, and what have I done to make a difference. Have I made a difference? There have been so many times when I have woken up and had no purpose. I have gone through entire days and not done anything. On those days, I did not serve, I did not love, I did not hope, I did not touch, I did not live. I just was. Looking back I wish that it had been different. I know that it can’t be, but it could be.

I would like to make a list of things that I want to accomplish next year, but all I can think to aspire for 2009 is that I do more, see more, feel more, and experience more of God than in 2008. I want 2009 to be more meaningful than 2008. I want it to mean more, to be more. My hopes and dreams for 2009 are that I find giving and living and seeing and doing more worthwhile than dreaming and wishing. I aspire that in 2009, every day, God is evident.

What are your aspirations for 2009?


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