The sisterhood.

When I went away for the summer to South Africa, my small group came to the conclusion that we were much like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I went to Africa, Megan did a nursing program, Emily, Kaitlin, and Katie went to Nicaragua, Leeza went to D.C., and Ivy went to Swinomish. We all did something away from everyone else. Since we aren’t magical and don’t have magical pants, we went to the mall and each bought the same ring that we all still treasure.

After we dubbed ourselves to be like the Sisterhood and promised to watch the Second Summer movie together when I returned from Africa, I figured it would be a good idea to read the books. I read the first in Africa and started the second not too long ago. I just finished it today and can say that this series is amazing. It’s one of my favorite series and I think you should all read it. Well, the girls at least.

Here are a few quotes from The Second Summer of the Sisterhood that I find marvelous and relatable:

1. [Lena] was starting to feel uncomfortable. She had found more treausre than she was prepared to carry home. Treasure in such large amounts stopped feeling precious.

2. [This] made her feel a little bit sad. She considered how she would have described this feeling to Kostos if she were still writing real letters to him. Maybe it was just the sadness of time passing. Maybe it was a regular-life kind of heartache.

3. There was a serious, actually fatal, infection called endocarditis, which was an inflammation of the heart. Lena’s great-grandmother had died of it as a young woman, and Lena was pretty sure she had it.
Lena lay in bed deep into the morning, monitoring the ache and the swell.

4. “Lena, if I’ve broken your heart, I’ve broken mine a thousands times worse.” She could hear that he was crying, but she didn’t want to look. “I would do anything I could to change this, but I can’t see a way out.”
She let out an orphan sob, a small release as she struggled to hold the rest of it back.
“I’ll let myself say this now, and not again. It goes against the commitment I made, but Lena, I have to tell you this. Everything I ever said to you was true and is true. I didn’t lie. It’s truer and bigger and more powerful than you’ll ever know. Remember what I said.”
His voice was desperate. He clutched her, almost too roughly. “You will go along, I know you will. And I will spend my whole life not having you.”
She needed to get away. She pulled herself away from him and hid her face.
“I love you. I’ll never stop,” he promised, just as he had done a few weeks before on the sidewalk outside her house.
That time it had been a treasure. This time it was a curse. She turned and she ran.


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