I listened to a song by Misty Edwards for the second time with my friend Christina the other day. It is a powerful 11 minute song. The only way to listen to it is to turn it up really loud and just sit there and listen. If you want to hear, go here or read the lyrics, which aren’t nearly as good when not heard with the accompaniment.

After the first time I heard the song, I felt an overwhelming feeling of “How dare you think that you could be so in control! How could you think that your plans are better than Mine?” It was a real wake up call to how I was acting. I felt like I could do the “God-thing” on my own.

This time I felt a different response. It was “Why are you trying to be so religious about everything, trying to be like THEM when I just want you to be YOU?”

Isn’t that a good reminder? God has called me to a specific purpose. Some days I get lost, forgetting to seek Him with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength. Other days, I focus way too much on the way other people tell me I should be seeking God. All these books and unspoken rules of religion wear me out. God is different than all of that. He’s not about staying in the box and within a comfort zone.

What about sitting in church — unmoving and unfeeling — can stretch, test, and strengthen a person’s faith? Why don’t we raise our hands and dance and become undignified and vulnerable before our Savior? If God SAVED us and ADORES us, LOVES us immeasurably and would DIE for us, why can we not shout and undignify our pride before Him? Do we not understand His awesomeness, His greatness, His holiness, and how deserving He is of our worship? This is something that I struggle with as well. It’s hard to become undignified when the aura in the church is so very dignified and sophisticated. I don’t want church to be sophisticated. I wish it could be a place where pride disappears and nothing is held back, where the joy and perfect love is radiated throughout the congregation. I wish we could be undignified.

And now a word from David Crowder Band…

I will dance. I will sing, to be mad for my King.
Nothing, Lord, is hindering this passion in my soul.

And I’ll become even more undignified than this
Some may say it’s foolishness
But I’ll become even more undignified than this
Leave my pride by my side
And I’ll become even more undignified than this
Some may say it’s foolishness
But I’ll become even more undignified than this


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