Real life.

Yesterday in all the blustery-ness of the day, I went over to Katie’s house to spend the day with a bunch of friends from church. We played in the snow, ate food, and began to watch Dan In Real Life, a movie starring Steve Carell, but I had to go to work before it was finished. It was so good, I had to finish today. It makes you warm inside as the characters are able to put your exact feeling into words. It’s a warm, happy, feel good movie, definitely a favorite.

Dan Burns: “What don’t I understand, Cara? Please, help me out. What is it? Is it frustrating that you can’t be with this person? That there’s something keeping you apart? That there’s something about this person that you can connect with? And whenever you’re near this person, you don’t know what to say, and you say everything that’s in your mind and in your heart, and you know that if you could just be together, that this person would help you become the best possible version of yourself?”

I love Steve Carell.

What’s your favorite feel good movie that you love to watch while curled up with a blanket and some tea/hot chocolate?

Seth and I.



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