As Christmas is nearing, I find it relevant to let you in on a secret, a confession maybe. There isn’t much about Joseph in the Bible, but to be chosen as the earthly father of Jesus, the one to raise him, he must have been quite a man/man of God. Some fabulous authors have done a fine job of  portraying how they think he would have acted and who exactly he was.  My favorites are The Nativity Story (movie) and Unafraid, a book by Francine Rivers.

My good friend Megan and I have become entranced by the character of Joseph. The way he is so protective of Mary when they walk through Jerusalem. How he is so wise and obedient to the Lord. The way his feet were cracked and bleeding when walking to Bethlehem, but he didn’t complain, he kept going. His gentleness with Mary, a terrified young girl.

The secret — we have more than a slight crush on the character of Joseph. Oh how silly that we get all excited and our expressions are magnetized to each other when anyone mentions him. I think it’s becoming a tradition that our small group watches that movie together every Christmas. Tomorrow night is the night! I can’t wait!


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