Another year gone by.

Every new year, instead of making a list of resolutions that will never get accomplished, I compile a list of goals that I want to accomplish. As I accomplish them, I draw a line through tha goal and write down when I did and with who and how. At the end of the year I go back and see how many of them I actually did, and even though some of them are silly, it’s fun to see which ones actually happened. In some ways, because I’m so terrible at keeping a journal (except while I was in Africa, apparently) it’s a way for me to see some of the highlights of the year and who I was a year ago that made me write these goals. So here we go. I know it’s a little early, but here are my goals from 2008.

  1. Get a car and driver’s license. 1.19.08 – Bought ’87 Hyundai Excel, 2.13.08 – Got my license
  2. Eat healthier, lose weight. (hmmm…that didn’t happen)
  3. Finish One Tree Hill seasons 2&4
  4. Call into a radio station Texted to win 12 Days of Christmas on Spirit 105.3 and called in to claim prize
  5. Go to Canada (2-3 hours away, and I’ve still never been there)
  6. Take dance lessons Maybe they weren’t official, but Jenna Williams tought me how to swing dance in South Africa
  7. Work backstage at an event
  8. Go on a missions trip South Africa
  9. Scrapbook more often For a friend
  10. Read more: (wanted to read 12 books, I’ve read 9 and am in the process of reading 2 more) The Choice, Searching for God Knows What, Crazy Love, Passion & Purity, The Shack, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1 & 2, Breaking Dawn, Sam’s Letters to Jennifer.
  11. Volunteer at a homeless shelter 10.20.08 Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission-Women’s Shelter
  12. Join a team/sport/group 2.26.08 Joined track (I quit a week and 1/2 later)
  13. Be bold when speaking about faith in a group and contributing ideas In high school, senior year, all the time
  14. Pay it forward
  15. Share Jesus South Africa summer
  16. Tailor blue dress
  17. Get map of world 4.3.08
  18. Travel somewhere: other than missions, Canada, Oregon, or Lincoln Rock
  19. Learn to teach Tots class at work
  20. Trust in the Lord Trusting God to take me to South Africa and believing that was what He wanted for me
  21. Help mom out
  22. Apply to at least 3 colleges: Montana State U, U of Washington, EdCC
  23. Spend a day with old people
  24. DO NOT BE AFRAID (of what? I can’t remember)
  25. Go to a pow wow Evergreen State Fair summer
  26. Buy a flirty sun dress Graduation 06.12.08 (yes this is actually on the list.)
  27. Be a leader Church: Jr. High, Outreach Staff: summer, Work: teacher
  28. Do not lose friends in any season of my life (I think the point of this goal was to not lose friends from a fight or end in a way where it is awkward to talk with them because of something that happened between me and that person. The reason I wrote this last January was because the 2-3 previous years I had lost more than one of my best friends by the end of each year.)

Have you accomplished anything great this year? Have you noticed God do anything great in you?


One thought on “Another year gone by.

  1. I love: “Get a map of the world.” I’m hoping to get one for Christmas…otherwise I’ll be going out to buy a big map on the 26th of December.
    Have I accomplished anything this year? Oh goodness…nothing I can pin-point right now. : )


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