When two worlds collide.

Wednesday night my worlds collided. Has that ever happened to you before? It was the biggest blessing I have ever felt. For so long I have been saying, “Lord, here I am. Send me!” On Wednesday night, He was saying, “Can’t you see that I have already sent you?” Oh, I could see it so clearly!

Wednesday my church put on a Christmas concert called Behold the Lamb of God. My worship pastor, James Johnson, and a bunch of other people sang the Christmas story from Exodus to Jesus. The whole performance I was shaking. I turned and looked at my brother across the aisle and he just said, “You worlds are colliding aren’t they?” Oh yes they were. Four friends from work and one of the girl’s boyfriends were sitting in the second row with me. Just a few rows back, my friend Emily from my Bible study was there, and up on stage my good friend Megan from my Bible study was dancing.

Two worlds collided. It was strange. But I have been praying for this for so long. It was hard to be so vulnerable, to show my best friends from work the part of me that I cherish the most, to show them completely, without hindrance, who I am.

The scariest part was not knowing what they would think. 1 Christian friend, 1 Jewish friend, and 3 Mormon friends. They’re so different from me. I kept thinking over and over, Why in the world would these people want to come to my church? God made it clear. Because it’s not me, none of this was from me. It was all Him. And I know that without a doubt. My words were always jumbled. I was late to meet them. I was imperfect throughout everything, but God used me and thank goodness His perfection came through me. They all said that they loved it and it was so much fun.

I can’t keep from singing, “Hallelujah! Your love is amazing, steady and unchanging. Your love is a mountain firm beneath my feet. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Your love makes me sing!”

If any of you, dear friends, are reading this, please know that I loved having you there and you’re welcome anytime, especially on Bluegrass Sundays. I think you’d love it!



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