Things I love about Christmas.

-Getting our Christmas tree on a farm, lunch and decorating the tree
-Baking Christmas cookies
-Getting chocolate every 3rd day of the month from the Advent Calendar
-Chinese food on Christmas Eve
-Songs: Where Are You Christmas?, O Holy Night, Mary Did You Know, Welcome to our World, O Come All Ye Faithful, Believe, Do You Hear What I Hear?, Mary’s Boy Child, I Celebrate the Day
-Shopping downtown with my mom
-Last minute Christmas shopping with my dad
-The great abundance of German cookies that my dad makes
-Less responsibility
-Our house being filled with Christmas decorations
-Coming home and having the warm air in the house nearly suffocate me
-Seeing the Christmas lights on when I come home
-Satsumas at the grocery store
-Seeing extended family
-Christmas morning –presents and reading the Christmas story in Luke
-Singing Christmas songs at church
-The Christmas Eve service
-Christmas specials on TV
-Orange rolls on Christmas morning
-Spending more time in Starbucks
-The way you feel so warm and cozy when you drink hot chocolate and it’s cold outside
-How nice everyone is
-Joseph (mini crush – Men, learn a lesson from Joseph in The Nativity Story)

When marks the beginning of the Christmas season for you?
What do you love about Christmas?
What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
What is your favorite Christmas song? favorite Christmas movie?


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