A little bit of tradition.

Yesterday, my mom and I went to downtown Seattle for our 5th annual day of fun, shopping, and togetherness. It started when I was a freshman and we went to Seattle for an FIDM conference on Dec 4, 2004. Can you believe I ever wanted to go to FIDM? Anyway, since then, our traditions have only grown. We always start out by taking the monorail to Westlake Center, and from there we shop around and buy truffles from Dilettante’s. Of course, we have to make our way to the Carousel in the square right outside Westlake and last year we started a new tradition of riding the horse drawn carriages on 1st Ave. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to either of them this year.

This year, we got there really early so none of the stores were open. We decided to walk down to Pike Place because I wanted to go to the first Starbucks. (I live in Seattle and I’d never seen it before…) When we got there, it was beautiful, but the bakery next door smelled so much sweeter, so we sauntered over to Le Panier, the best little bakery you’ll ever go in. The barista put designs in my latte and the chocolate croissant type whatever it was, was absolutely delicious!

After our adventures with coffee, we went poked around Pike Place where the vendors were still setting up. We spent way too much time at a vendor that sold rocks that had words and quotes carved in them. They were fascinating. There are beautiful bouquets of dried flowers for $10 and magnificent photographs of Seattle for slightly more. They even sold Christmas trees there! Going down onto the lower floors, we found an African Fair Trade store, a candy shop, and an antique store with more salt/pepper shakers than you have ever seen in your whole life.

Then there was a polish store..you know, with the really cool dishes with the designs on them. Well it turns out, the lady that was running the store, her name was also Hannah. But she told me something really cool. The Polish way to say my name is Hannannah. Because there are two “n”s, you have to pronounce it twice. I liked it. Some of my friends already call me that, which made it even cooler, and made me wonder if they knew that or they were just saying it. Hmm.

After that my mom and I went to do all of our regular shopping at Westlake Center, Pacific Place, and Anthropologie. It seems like we usually make it to a lot more places, but this year we took our time on little things and it was just as fun! We finished up with dinner at Thai Ginger before enjoying the night life of downtown with all the lights and the Macy’s star all lit up. Oh and earlier in the day we stopped by this group of street performers that are outside Westlake all year round.

It was fun and relaxing and that tradition signifies the beginning of the Christmas season for me. It’s officially Christmas!

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?



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