Christmas is coming! We still haven’t gotten our tree yet, but my family will be going out to a tree farm on Saturday. It’s a day-long adventure for us. Also, my mom and I will be going into Seattle for our annual tradition of riding the Monorail, Carousel, truffles, lunch, Starbucks, shopping, Pike Place Market, horse drawn carriage. It’s probably one of my favorites days in the whole year. Also, I can’t wait for Megan and Mallory to come out to Seattle! It will be so wonderful to have them here and be able to show them a little of my life.

Invitation: If any of my SA friends would like to visit, my house is tiny, but it’s open for you! I would love to see you and show you around my world.


One thought on “Anticipation.

  1. Sounds like a fun tradition you have with your mom. I have yet to venture to downtown Seattle this holiday season. Can’t wait!
    When do are Mallory and Megan going to be in town?

    P.S. want to email me your home address so I can send you a Christmas card?


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