Looking back.

My friend Christina sent a message with a few memories from South Africa and it reminded me of some myself:

The peeping Masotho. Never go to the bathroom alone.

Playing DONKEY (like Spud) with Vuyo and his friends. They threw the ball AT you..by “ball” I mean a small bag with rocks in it. And that was after we went to get laundry detergent from the Tuck Shop because he was doing laundry with a hose from outside and we spent a long time trying to hook it up before he realized that there was no soap left.

The moaning cows that we thought were giving birth…what late nights were had by all.

Buying 2R coke from the Tuck Shop.

Gogo Judith showing us her traditional dance video and wedding video, right before she brought out the bag of bones that she bought at the market.

The ‘Goodness’ skit that we did at Hope House where Joe was Jesus and we carried one of the boys in on a blanket.

The freeze dance game that we did in Naledi with Falls Church. “No one, No one, No one…can get in the way of what I’m feelin.”

With Brian’s team, we went to get water from a spicket for this one family. There was a group of young boys there that were getting water too. We passed around a deflated soccer ball with them for a while before they followed us back to the house. That was the day I asked Jenna if God could make you good at something just for a while so that you could connect with them. Kind of like speaking in tongues to communicate with someone, but instead, having the ability to do something that you were terrible at to make a connection.

Jenna and I made brownies one afternoon and decided to keep them for ourselves. Sorry, this isn’t supposed to be a confession, but they were delicious.

Having “code words” while working coffee bar with Jenna.

Making music with pots and pans in the kitchen.

When we were shopping in Harrismith, Joe tripped on a street corner and did a full twirl before landing flat on the ground, with half of Harrismith staring at him, and the rest of us cracking up.


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