Seeking, searching, waiting.

I’ve been looking online for a little while, typing in different searches into the Google search bar, trying to find an organization to go through and in my searching, Thrive Africa comes up over and over again. Why, Lord? South Africa peaks my interest. Every time I hear about it my heart skips a beat. I know I’m not going back to Thrive next summer, but where am I going? Is my work not yet done in South Africa? I’m not too sure about that…but I do know that God has something planned for me. I just wish I could find it. Anywhere looks good right now. Anything sounds possible. My heart is being drawn every which way. It is so unsettled on any specific place. Perhaps God is cementing plans in my heart that I already feel called to. Perhaps He is making me sure in my heart that I have already been called.

Heart palpitations. Check.
Can’t get that place off my mind. Check.
Overwhelming desire to go there. Check.
When searching elsewhere, my mind returns to that place. Check.
Large amount of peace though I know very little about it. Check.
Nothing else seems right, though everything else makes more sense. Check.

Everything seems right. Everything is in place. So why do I doubt? Why do I keep searching? Lord, I’m waiting on you.


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