There is hope for me yet.

Because God won’t forget all the plans He’s made for me,
I have to wait an see.
He’s not finished with me yet.

[Brandon Heath]

I have ….PEACE! I just found out that one of my friends got back this week from 4 months in Costa Rica and there was that feeling again, the one that says, I need to go! But today I don’t feel the need to go to Africa. My prayer is not, “Lord, take me back to South Africa.” I don’t feel fear of forgetting good memories. I don’t feel fear of not keeping in touch with everyone. I know that those things are going to happen and today I just feel an overwhelming sense of, “God, I finally get it. I’m ready to go, and I know it’s going to be different, but I’m ready. I am Yours. Take me. Send me. Lead me. Use me.” [huge, HUGE, sigh of relief] God, I love you and now I see it clearly, …how could I ever doubt that you have only good things for me? I’m so excited for what God has for me. So, unbelievably ready and excited. I am anticipating, but happy to be HERE. Right here. Right now. This is good. God you are good.


2 thoughts on “There is hope for me yet.

  1. You wait.

    Right now, this is where God wants me, and He’s taking you to that spot too, but you just need to wait. Seek Him. You’ll get there, but in the mean time, He’s teaching you what you need to know during this “season” of you life. If you’re seeking God and you’re growing, then I don’t doubt that you’re right where you should be. The rest will fall into place if you keep your eyes on Him. Don’t be frustrated, although I know it can be. You’ll get there. It’s ok to not be quite there. It’s ok to wait.


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