Dear Santa.

Dear Santa,

I have a list from last year which says that I want Aladdin, a television, and a trip to Paris. But dearest Santa, this year, those things, they just won’t do. This year I don’t know what I want for Christmas. A purse, a coat, a necklace– that’s not what I want. Movies, perfume, concert tickets– they just don’t seem like enough. Would it be too terrible if I didn’t have a list this year, if I just didn’t want anything for Christmas? Could you get me something that means something? Could you take me back to Africa so I can talk with my friends about Jesus, or fly me to the moon so I can see the glow of the earth. I can’t think of any thing that would satisfy my desires this Christmas. Take me somewhere, to a place with people I want to see. Take me nowhere, and let me be satisfied with being here. Take me everywhere, so I can talk about the reason for Christmas. Dear Santa, it’s ok if you don’t come this Christmas, you’re not the face I want to see.

Merry Christmas.



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