On writing.

Being in a writing class at school has been both frustrating and completely exhilarating. I love writing, I truly do, but when you’re put into a class with other writers, it becomes very stressful. I always thought I was a good writer until this class when I was put in a class with other good writers. Now I’m just average, perhaps even a poor writer compared to my fellow ambitious wordsmen. There have been moments when I have felt stupid or like pulling my hair out because I have to constantly push myself in order to develop a good piece of writing.

In this process of becoming a writer, I have decided that writers are weird. Very weird people. Their minds are weird and their actions are weird and they live in the world of other fictional, created-in-their-own-mind characters. How odd.

Writers also enjoy making the reader feel sad. Why do you think there have been stories written like Lord of the Flies, The Lottery, and Great Expectations. It’s all just sad because when a writer writes something sad, the reader feels and when the reader feels something, he’ll keep reading. I always thought, being in AP English, that the teachers were just out to get us with all those depressing stories. That’s not it at all! The fact is, the reader doesn’t know it, but he wants to read those sad and twisted things. If we wrote about happy endings, pretty soon you’d get bored. I mean, yes happy stories are good, but as far as commercial writing goes, people want to see heartache and struggle. The only ones who can write happy stories are those who can make you feel as happy as other writers can make you feel sad. And that takes talent, my friends. Talent which I do not have, yet. I’m working on it.

My last revelation. Writing is hard. So simple, yet hard to understand at first. Writing is a lot harder than I thought. It’s easy to put a bunch of words together and make it sound good when you have an idea rolling around in your head. But waiting for that is like enduring some kind of odd torture. It’s very difficult when you have no ideas and the story is due on Monday.


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