Delightful package.

A friend told me about this site called back in July so that I could buy choc-kits in America. I just went back to look at it last week and found a bunch of wonderful South African foods. I immediately bought a few items and anticipated their arrival until today when the UPS man granted my wish. Grapetisers, appletisers, white-grapetisers, mieliepap,  chocolate eclairs, jungle energy bar, custard :], and a new South African bumper sticker to decorate Eli. It was marvelous and I will definitely be buying more when my paycheck arrives on friday. I’ve come to a few realizations:

I forgot how tricky those South Africans are with their bottom-heavy pop cans.
I didn’t realize how difficult it was to perfect the mieliepap recipe.
I am thankful for Patrick and Anna and Gogo Mimi and the rest for having perfected that recipe.
I might break a bracket on chocolate eclairs.
I have never been so excited at seeing the UPS man.
I need to order more appletisers before I run out!


3 thoughts on “Delightful package.

  1. Oh! Definitely found that site a few months ago. I have yet to order anything yet. But I’m thinking that if we have our get together in December we should definitely order some stuff from there… : )


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