Finally that time of year.

As I sit here sipping from my Shakespeare love quotes mug, filled to the brim with perhaps the most rich and delicious hot chocolate ever concocted, I must tell you, it is finally that time of year. Today I changed my floral linen sheets to my snowflake flannel sheets. It’s the blustery, rainy, cozy, drink-hot-chocolate, sit-by-the-fire, hope-the-power-goes-out, time of year. It’s not just fall. Sometimes fall can be sunny and nice. No, this is the Seattle season that will last until March or perhaps even May. I’ll probably be tired of it soon, but for now it’s simply wonderful! I walked from class to class today and stopped every so often to soak in the smell of the fallen leaves. I love everything about this cozy season. The smell of the leaves and of fireplaces and of cold burning my cheeks. I want to curl up with a blanket and a good book, cheesy romantic movie, or my knitting needles. It’s a good Monday.


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