Just after noon.

Dear friend,

I have decided that this distance,
it simply will not do.
Tomorrow, please, just after noon,
meet me for a picnic.
I cannot wait to see you there,
and if you do not mind,
please bring the butter and the bread,
and I will bring the wine.
We’ll picnic for the afternoon,
both of us, just you and I.
First, we’ll need to find the perfect knoll
on the perfect cliff,
throw down a blanket
and then we’ll watch the ships.
I always have enjoyed them,
so I hope you do not mind.
It would be such a perfect afternoon
with you by my side.
We’ll watch the ships sail as we drink our wine
and eat our bread, just you and I.
Yes, what a perfect afternoon it would be!
It’s settled then.
We’ll picnic in Ireland, you and I,
and watch the ships go by.
I must say, I can not wait to see you,
tomorrow, just after noon.

By Hannah Borcherdt, November 1, 2008; revised December 26, 2010.


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