Help, I need a sewing kit!

You know you’ve got it bad when you think about changing your profile picture very often, but you’re so attached to that place and time that you can’t. The terrible thing is that it matters so much. Who contemplates changing a facebook profile picture? Why does it matter so much? Is it because when I change the picture it will feel like I’m forgetting what happened there and am leaving those memories behind? Part of me knows that I need to do it, to let it go, to recognize what God did there but move on to what He’s doing now, and another part doesn’t want to move on because what was there, those memories, those people, the family and the way I saw God work, it was perfect. It was a summer that I won’t soon, or ever, forget, but a simple little act of changing a picture seems slightly impossible. Homesickness. Homesick for family. Frustration. Frustrated with indecision. I want to go back to that time, but I want to be here in what is now. I don’t want my here and now to think that I am not recognizing them, and I don’t want my then and there to think that I’ll be forgetting them. There is a tear in my heart between here and there and I seem to have forgotten how to sew.


3 thoughts on “Help, I need a sewing kit!

  1. So, this is the second time that I’ve read this post and both times it has left me feeling empty already. I’m nervous for going back to the States (to which I’m leaving one month from today) 😦


  2. I would say, “At least you have a bunch of people in Michigan that were there with you!” But then again, I have a bunch of people here in Washington. It’s hard, I’m not gonna lie. But, enjoy the last month that you have left! The last weekendish that I was there I completly wasted because I was so upset about going home. Don’t waste the month you have just because you know that it will end soon.


  3. shootdang…I JUST saw that you commented back!! That’s really great advice, and I will definitely keep that in mind these next few weeks!

    And about the Michigan ppl…the interns are both going back to SA next year 😦 Maybe that means I’ll just have to hang out with my Outreach Staff crew!


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