Union Gospel Mission.

Last night I went down to Seattle to serve at the Union Gospel Mission homeless shelter with two women from my church, Margie and Jan. Other women from our church had baked “Pies for Jesus” and we had the opportunity of serving dinner and home baked pies to the women and children at the shelter. They loved the pies. They were all so excited to have home baked pies. Those women were so blessed and it was wonderful to be there to see them so excited about the pie.

When the line died down from serving dinner, we got to eat and go sit with them. I sat next to a woman named Sheri. She was so excited because she is moving into a home today. She has a 14 year old son and a daughter who is almost 18 but neither of them were there with her. She said her son was at football practice at Thomas Jefferson High School in Federal Way where she was going to move. Normally I wouldn’t have known where that is, but since South Africa, I now have a friend who went there, and I have actually been there myself! There was another woman, Lisa, who was completely filled with joy. She was so happy to be there while holding another woman’s baby who was just 2 months old. I was definitely humbled by seeing these women who were so happy, so full of joy, because although they didn’t have homes, they had the love of Jesus.


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