Warm and fuzzy.

Have you ever been asked, “What makes you warm and fuzzy inside?” I think I’d have to say that sometimes it’s people that indirectly give me that feeling, when someone who is dear to me writes or says something that may or may not have anything to do with me. I get warm fuzzies because of them. I am happy for them and proud of them and satisfied because of who they are. It sounds so silly to explain. I find happiness in who they are.

Do you ever have those moments when something warms your heart? It’s not one of those feelings of excitement or butterflies or bursting joy. It’s just happy. When something makes you smile and you get the desire to cry because you’re happy. But you can’t really cry. It just feels like that should be the right action for this emotion. That’s how I’m feeling right now. My feet might be cold and my fingers feel like they’re reaching the freezing point, but I feel warm. Oh, that sounds so cheesy but I think it’s really just the epitome of “warm and fuzzy.”


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