Grace pants.

No longer is the struggle over whether or not you can fasten the pants. Nor is it, “Will these fit my butt?” No. The question is, rather, “Can I get these past my calves?” Skinny Jeans. Changing the world one leg at a time.


Pastor Craig, from Calvary Fellowship, made a really cool analogy about God’s grace. He said God’s grace can be compared to pants. It’s not like skinny emo kid jeans that don’t fit over your bottom. No, God’s grace is bigger. He said that all those gangsters who wear really big jeans that are too big and are falling down, that is more like. Yet, even that is too small to compare to God’s grace. God’s “grace pants” are as big as the church. You couldn’t even hold them up! You’d be looking behind you at the trail that is your pants and be like, “Dude why is my car back there? WOAH! The church in my pants too? …hey! It’s Sparky! Oh and my house!” Those pants would be so big that all your friends would think that you were crazy! And that’s how big God’s grace is. Isn’t that cool to think about?

He made another point that was simple, yet something I’ve never really thought about. You can’t ever use up God’s grace. You can’t mess up once or twice or twenty times, ask for God’s forgiveness and grace, and then mess up again later and think, “Oh shoot..I already used up God’s grace today. I guess I’m just doomed.” It doesn’t work that way. God’s grace is huge. Simply unfathomable.

We serve an awesome God!


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