The stroller.

In my English Writing class we had to read a short story called The Upside-Down Bird. The main character, a woman, while visiting her old neighborhood with her children, comes upon a tattered woman who lives in her, now very messy, old house. At first this woman is very mean and tells the woman with her children to go away but later she lets them come inside. The reader comes to understand that she is very sad and much like a hermit because her husband had left her. After driving away from the house, the woman with her children realizes that she accidentally left her stroller behind. When she goes back, she finds that it is no longer there and assumes that the other woman took it inside. She tries to get it back, but the woman does not answer the door and instead she hears the woman doing dishes. The reader is left to assume that the visit from the woman and her children helped the other woman get over her sorrow and move on with life. The woman with children didn’t get her stroller back but she was okay with it because it had helped the other woman.

Ok. So after reading this story in class, one of the more talkative and opinionated boys said that it was crazy that the woman left the stroller. His words implied this: “How dare the other woman steal it from her! She should have gone back to get what was rightfully hers!” My friend Olivia and I just shook our heads and laughed. Of course it was rightfully hers, but there was a greater purpose in leaving that stroller. It wasn’t because she thought the other woman should have the stroller. It was because she didn’t mind sacrificing the stroller so that the other woman could move on from her sorrow and the great sadness.

This whole ordeal reminded me of this: We as Christians are set apart. The thing that makes us different from “really good people” is that Christ loves through us and His love is unconditional. It doesn’t know any enemies because it loves everyone. Jeremy didn’t think that this woman who “stole” the stroller deserved to keep it. She was mean and he didn’t want to like her. As Christians, I think, at least I can say for myself, and perhaps for Olivia too, that we noticed the compassion of the woman with her children. How great that she would love this woman and have compassion for her even though she was mean to her at first. How great is the unconditional love of Christ!


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