Recently this question was presented to me:

“If you could go to one place in the world to serve God, where would it be and why?”

Here was my answer: Oh, I think I would go everywhere. I’d start at one end of the world (does it have an end??) and go to the other. I think if I could, I would just be a nomad for the rest of my life, serving God wherever He was to lead me. Or I could do what Paul did, and visit churches all over the place. But, honestly I’ve always wanted to go to Greece, but more out of selfish desire than to serve God there…probably back to Africa. But more north. Some place that is like a Ninevah, a severely spiritually impoverished nation. This is more vague than I imagined it would be…I guess I just don’t know where I want to go until God calls me there and gives me an overwhelming desire to serve Him there.


But, truly, I wouldn’t even take time to pack if God told me to get on a plane tonight. I would just go. I have such a strong desire to go, but at this point, I’m told to stay. What about next summer? Don’t know. For some nostalgia, and because this is how I feel right now…

Me and my boys; SA 2008
Me and my boys; SA 2008

February 16, 2007

change the world.
be controversial.
show people what love is.
fight for what is right.
feed the hungry.
care for the homeless.
bring a smile to an orphaned child.
dance with a man at a nursing home.
sing with the children fighting cancer.
love until my heart dies.
raise my hands and sing praises.
teach desperate children that there is hope.
go to Africa to fight aids.
paint houses in Mexico.
take the Word to North Korea.

speak the truth to unreached peoples.

I want to sacrifice my life.

But where, God? where?


One thought on “Where?

  1. Um…you totally astonish me.
    Every word that I just read described exactly how I am feeling at this moment (and I just posted something every similar on my blog last week).
    And I’m realizing I didn’t get to know you too well in SA. So let’s hang out. The end.


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