Yesterday, being the first day of fall, was a true fall day. I woke up and wanted to roll over and go back to sleep. The rain pitter pattering upon the garden outside my window was enough to give me the feeling of wanting to stay indoors and make a pot of tea. Seeing as how I had a demand to be to work on time, I decided it was a day that could be bettered if only I wore a sweater. Sometimes there are days when a sweater is necessary and it actually can make you feel warmer inside. I slipped into my green and white striped sweater from Taryn, who conveniently found it at Mr. Price, and, on top of that, to increase my coziness, I put on my Outreach Staff fleece. Now, it is autumn.

Autumn brings the sweet rain and cozy inside days, but then again, doesn’t every other season bring the same kind of day when you’re in Seattle? It is the season that lets me dust of my scarves after a long summer break.  (Except, of course, those that I wore in South Africa, which were well used this summer.) It’s the season of wearing hats and gloves and warm coats. Tomorrow, I’ll be heading back to school. On Wednesday, students all over the country will come together beneath flag poles to pray. And when the days start getting darker, you know that the Christmas season is just around the corner. I terribly miss summer and what it was this year, but as my mind begins to wander to “better days,” I am quickly reminded that fall also has many wonderful traits. And God can use me in the fall just as much as He was there in the summer.

On a side note, please pray for me as I am just becoming sick. This is not a part of fall that I enjoy.


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